Francis Scott Key Elementary School

Francis Scott Key Elementary School

1530 43rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Program Summary

The ExCEL After School Learning Program (ASLP) at Francis Scott Key Elementary is open every school day from 1:50pm to 6:00pm. Francis Scott Key Elementary is located at 1530 43rd Avenue, San Francisco, California 94122.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact Francis Scott Key's Program Coordinator, Ashlee Homen, or Assistant Program Coordinator, Jeffrey Lo or call 415-759-2811 ext. 1108.


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Typical Day

A typical day at FSK starts off with the students meeting with their Program Leaders, who will then take them to have supper and/or recess. During supper, our students will be able to receive a healthy meal together with their class. Following supper the remaining part of our schedule includes Homework Assistance, Club Hour and Recreation. During Homework time, Program Leaders assist the students on their homework and are able to answer any questions they may have on a topic covered. Another important part of our program is our Club Hour where the Program Leaders lead fun and engaging activities for the students. In order to promote youth voice at FSK, our students have the opportunity to choose their top 3 clubs that they wish to participate in. There is Recreation time scheduled Monday through Thursday which provides students with an opportunity to participate in structured activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, and leadership. Every Friday, we hold assemblies for our students to build community through games and challenges.

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Monday through Thursday all our students get the opportunity to be in a club that is led by our Program Leaders. Some of our clubs include: Stop Motion Animation, Master Builder's Workshop, Science Club, Hip Hop Club, Little Chefs, Art Club, Creative Writing Club and Sports Club. In addition to the clubs run by our Program Leaders we also have clubs run by FSK parents or outside contractors such as, Mandarin, Chess, An Eye For Art, Judo, Marine Biology, Girl Scouts and Good News Club.

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Special Events

This year we held our Halloween Carnival where students created and implemented their own spooky carnival-style games. We also hosted our ASLP Family Potluck; bringing the after school community together to share food and stories from various cultures. During the second half of the semester, students will also be able to participate in "Are You Smarter Than Your Teacher", where they answer questions about what they have learned and challenge their Program Leaders.


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