Francis Scott Key Elementary School

Francis Scott Key Elementary School

1530 43rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Program Summary

The After School Learning Program at Francis Scott Key (FSK) runs Mondays-Fridays, from 1:50PM - 6:00PM. We are located at 1430 43rd Avenue/Lawton Street, room 108.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact Francis Scott Key's Site Coordinator, Annie Ma or call 415-759-2811 ext. 1108.


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Typical Day

Our program consists of Supper/Snack Time, Homework Assistance, Enrichment Hour, and Recreation Time with two recesses. The kindergarten through 2nd grade classes and the 3rd through 5th grade classes run on different schedules to ensure that the classrooms and school yard are utilized at different hours. All students have an hour of homework assistance at 3:00PM in their classes with their Program Leaders. The Enrichment Hour follows right after, and has the students learning new skills through cooking, science projects, as well as arts and crafts. During Recreation Time, students are engaged in physical activities that model good sportsmanship while also challenging themselves to try their best.

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On Wacky Wednesdays all of our classes rotate through different Program Leaders every six weeks in order to learn a new skill while also working with a different teacher. The Wacky Wednesday Clubs include: Jazz Appreication, Hip Hop Dance, Wii Fit Club, Science Experiements, Engineer Club, DIY Club, Boardgame Club, and Cooking Club.

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Special Events

This year, we held our Halloween Carnival where students created and implemented their own spooky carnival style games. We also hosted our first ASLP Family Portluck, bringing the after school community together to share food and stories from various culture, while also playing our own FSK version of "Minute To Win It".


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