Our History

Our History

In 1993, in response to a dearth of community-based services for Sunset families, SNBC’s founder, Michael Funk, led a grassroots effort to address the issues facing the Sunset’s growing and evolving population. SNBC grew out of this work when the San Francisco Beacon Initiative was established in 1996 and SNBC formally came into existence. With each passing year, SNBC offers more educational programs and services to Sunset youth and adults.

Despite significant need in the Sunset District, SNBC remains one of the few family-focused community development organizations in the neighborhood. No other organization provides the same breadth of services.

SNBC is on the forefront of developing and implementing quality programs that foster learning and skill-building, promote youth and family engagement, and strengthen relationships within the community. Public agencies often approach SNBC to lead new community-based initiatives and disseminate information. Additionally, when Sunset District youth and families are in need of information or resources, they come to SNBC as a trusted service provider and conduit to help. SNBC’s long history of leading and organizing community-wide initiatives has strengthened the Sunset and helped youth and families to build social networks, develop new skills, and learn and grow together.

What is a Beacon Center?

SNBC is one of nine Beacon Centers serving San Francisco communities. As part of the national Beacon movement, we aim to provide neighborhood-specific supports and resources to underserved communities.