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Jon Bernson

Director of Creative Arts

Jon Bernson

San Francisco musician Jon Bernson is the founder and coordinator of SNBC’s Urban Music Program (UMP), and SNBC’s Director of Creative Arts. Initially a DJ Club for middle school students, the Urban Music Program has grown into a full audio program providing people of all ages with an outlet for artistic expression. Jon coordinates the Urban Music Program at multiple sites and oversees the program’s mentor instructors, who help students further their knowledge of DJ’ing and writing, recording, and producing music. Jon is also the founder of Sunset Media Wave, a mixed-media blog run by high school students out of SNBC’s community storefront.

Outside of UMP, Jon is the songwriter behind several musical acts, including Ray’s Vast Basement, Window Twins, and Exray’s, whose music can be heard in the movie The Social Network. He is a member of the Howells Transmitter arts collaborative and has written original music for dozens of plays and films.

Jon holds a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College and has studied at Oxford University and Sarah Lawrence College. Prior to joining SNBC, he worked with Teach for America before founding the Urban Music Program.

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