Our Programs

Every SNBC program connects people to their  passion, potential, and community.

We believe in lifelong learning.  We believe that people of all ages and all backgrounds learn best when they are actively engaged in exciting and relevant subjects. SNBC provides a safe place for youth and adults to discover new passions, develop critical skills, and learn and grow. 

ProgramsAndServicesExplore our programs and you’ll see that we have something year-round for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents!

Our programs include: 

  • Afterschool Programs for Youth
  • Computer Technology Programs
  • Skill-building Classes for Adults
  • Comprehensive Summer Program
  • High School Media Arts Program
  • Family Support Services
  • Events and Celebrations

Each SNBC program is designed with the Youth Development Framework in mind. But we believe that this framework promotes the growth and well-being of people of all ages—not just youth. What does this mean? We’ll tell you:

Every SNBC program…

  • Helps people develop supportive relationships
  • Provides opportunities for meaningful involvement
  • Builds skills
  • Gets people involved in their community
  • Ensures physical and emotional safety
As a result of our work, boys and girls who once struggled in school have found success through a relationship with a caring mentor, adults have learned skills vital for navigating the 21st century, and isolated immigrants and seniors have developed a sense of belonging.